@2020 Collège Contemporain / Mentions légales


Collegium21 is a unique musical and teaching event in the world of the harp. Its aim is to highlight the contemporary harp, by bringing composers and young harpists together.

Structured in two main parts, it offers harpists of all levels the opportunity to discover new music, through a series of masterclasses led by guest composers. These are followed by a harp competition a few weeks later, with a programme consisting mostly of the pieces, World Premiers and repertoire works, explored during the masterclasses.

Discovering today’s musical languages, discovering what composers do, and appropriating new modes of expression and ways of playing are all exciting experiences, and Collegium21 wishes to share them; all the videos of the masterclasses are therefore also published online.

Collegium21 has been organised since 2016 by its cofounders, Ghislaine Petit-Volta and Rémi Guillard. It is now being taken over by the “Le Collège Contemporain” association, in partnership with the “Les Signes de l’Arc” association, under the co-artistic direction of Ghislaine Petit-Volta and Laurence Bancaud.

The next edition of Collegium21 will take place in June 2021 at the C.R.R. in Paris: The master classes will take place on the 29th of May, the 5th and 6th of June, the competition on the 20st of June 2021.