@2020 Collège Contemporain / Mentions légales

Programme, 2021

Programme, 2021

For the “1 er , 2 ème et 3 ème cycle” categories, you should perform the set work and a work of your choice.
The “excellence” category is aimed at young professionals (studying at music college), with orchestral experience.

The set works have been written by composers whom the candidates are invited to meet during the masterclasses organised prior to the competition.

The free-choice piece is completely free. All ideas are welcome, no matter what the style.

1er Cycle 

Duration of free-choice piece: 1 – 3 minutes

Level (Niveau) 1 : Notes d’intentions (3 études pour l’interprétation), by Benoît Sitzia (www.lessignesdelarc.org *). Choose 2 studies out of the 3.
Level (Niveau) 2 : Phare, by Michelle Agnes Magalhaes (BabelScores) – link to the scorevideo tutorial 1video tutorial 2

Level (Niveau) 3 : Vocalise III : Solfeggietto, by Alexandre Jamar (www.lessignesdelarc.org *) – video tutorial 1video tutorial 2
Level (Niveau) 4 : act VIIA, by Yumiko Yokoi (BabelScores) – link to the scorevideo tutorial 1video tutorial 2

2ème Cycle Lever Harp

Duration of free-choice piece: 3 – 7 minutes

Level (Niveau) 1 : Chemins croisés, by Edith Lejet (Billaudot)
Level (Niveau) 2 : The wind could wait without the gate…, by Liao Lin-Ni (Maison ONA) – link to the score

2ème Cycle Pedal Harp

Duration of free-choice piece: 3 – 7 minutes

Level (Niveau) 1 : Célestiel, by Florent Caron Darras (www.lessignesdelarc.org *) – video tutorial
Level (Niveau) 2 : Berceuse pour temps chaud (quatrième), by Marie-Hélène Fournier (coll. Brigitte Sylvestre, L’Instrumentarium)

3ème Cycle

Duration of free-choice piece: 7 – 10 minutes

Rythmes et sons, by Graciane Finzi (Éditions Musicales Transatlantiques)


– Tranche, by Betsy Jolas (Heugel / Leduc) – link to the score

– Poèmes, by Tôn-Thât Tiêt, for flute, viola, harp and tape (Jobert). The work will be conducted. A flautist and viola player will be engaged by the competition.

The tape track can be downloaded here.

You can see a video presentation of the work by Corinne Schneider, with the Trio Antara and the ensemble Ca trù in the presence of Tôn-Thât Tiêt.

– Orchestral excerpt: from Bereshit by Matthias Pintscher (the section with a time signature will be conducted) – link to the harp part: page 1page 2

– Free-choice work, between 7 – 10 minutes’ duration

* score freely available in PDF format from the “Signes de l’arc” website, for Association members.